Und noch ein paar Notizen von Ronan zu Futureperfect

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Folgendes Statement von Ronan habe ich noch im Yahooclub gefunden : Unter anderem gibt es Auskunft über die doch nicht erscheinende limitierte Box Edition von FP. Hello all, Only a few more weeks to go now and you shall know what I've been up to for the best part of last year. I'm listening to the album now and well.. I can safely say that I'm very happy with the results. It's about 60% of what I'd set out to do but this is more than enough. I tend to reach for the stars in order to reach the clouds. I thought you might like a couple of production notes. Firstly, there'll be no limited edition of the album. Though some of you may be disappointed hearing that I should tell you that there is no reason to be. I had intended to have a package that was worthwhile for fans and not some nice box with the CD and a few bits inside. Being on tour for 2.5 months made co-ordination of this very difficult and in the end I had to let the idea go rather than end up with some standard box-set concept that I would not have been happy with BUT.. as I said in a post yesterday - we have plans... plans certainly.. but plans nonetheless. Foreword : Those who saw us in concert on the recent tour will know this as the piece of music played at the beginning of every show. The music used in the track is an excerpt from Sir Edward Elgar's "Nimrod" (from the Enigma variations) and though the word "Nimrod" may be known as a juvenile Ameri-speak term for an idiot it is more properly the name of an Angel. The album version differs a lot from the live version. Carbon : Originally, the main drums in Carbon (the ones that start at the beginning) used a psychoacoustic effect so that they appeared to travel around the room and had an unintended tendency to disorient the listener. This effect prevented an MP3 from being produced as it distorted the whole track (no matter what codec was used).. but the effect also played havoc with most of the HiFi systems we tried this on and so this idea was dropped. The term "a million points of light" refers to the image of a city at night. I came up with the idea for this song while sitting in, rather appropriately, a 30's american futurism inspired Diner in the centre of a large metropolis-esque city at 5am. Genesis : The string theme at the start is based on Dvorzak's New World Symphony (symbolic I thought.. and I do love my symbolism). This music was also one of the pieces that inspired variations i nthe melodic themes on "Praise the Fallen". Electronaut : I got together with a few friends of mine recently and listened to this at a considerable volume while playing a video game (it's an instrumental). Those of you in need of alternate soundtracks to GT3 and the like may want to try this one. Try not to use wide-stereo effects (especially on Epicentre). Make sure you listen to "Airships" before you go to sleep. Regards, Ronan

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