Erotische Vampire

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Ich hoffe, Ihr seit alle der englischen Spache mächtig : Hier kommt ein Interview mit Jennifer Anderson von "The Nuns" (Ihr erinnert Euch *grins*) Leider...leider nicht von mir gemacht (deshalb auch nicht in der Interview-Ecke), aber für die Vampire bzw. die Vampir-Fans unter Euch eventuell interessant. Außerdem haben die Nonnen eine neue Webseite. ---------------------------------- Interview With A Vampire "Maitresse Jennifer" By Armande Falcone. "I want to feel all the emotion and passion. I want to see the nightmare. I want to see the dream." These words were spoken to me by Maitresse Jennifer, lead singer and songwriter of The Nuns, a group of vampiric vixens who perform in Manhattan, and most recently, in London. She is now collaborating with erotic film giant Jerry Anders of Pandora Pictures to write an erotic vampire thriller called "Maitresse De Satan". These were her words and thoughts on the film, her music and her life: "The music is very sexual in an intense way. Most people don't allow themselves to feel things this intensely. But I want to feel everything. That's what the music and the film is about. Intense, intense feelings of passion and sexual fantasies that go into the subconcious and unleash primitive feelings; almost like sychotherapy. This film is my psychodrama. It is a nightmarish version of my life. The vampire represents many things to me. In this film, and in all vampire films, the vampire takes the blood of the victim by biting the neck, which is the sexual act of the vampire. It is also a way of consuming the souls of new lovers, of becoming them, and then using their youth and sexuality; then discarding them and finding others. Vampires have a lot in common with all of us. In the film, I own and run a nightclub/bordello called "Maitresse De Satan", where I also perform in my band "The Nuns". But secretly, I seduce the girls in my band one by one and turn them into vampires like myself. I am motivated by jealousy, love and much more, without giving away too much of the plot, there are deeper and more complicated reasons behind the typical vampire need for blood and sexual longing. She is lonely, she is jealous and she longs to find a connection and a comraderie, or a companion in each new girl. The events in the film are echoed by the songs and stage performances in the club, as in films like "Cabaret", "Purple Rain" and "The Blue Angel". Everything is centered around the live shows. Jerry is also talking with some very famous female wrestling stars, as well as gorgeous penthouse centerfolds, so there should be lots of action, sex and glamour mixed in with the vampiric atmosphere. The live stage show will be similar to what The Nuns do on stage, but of course, will go to more extremes. And if we do end up adding female wrestlers, we will do a fetish/catfight live stage show during the more guitar oriented songs, which would lend themselves perfectly to that kind of wild, sexual imagery. We traditionally end each live show with the vampire girls attacking me with their fangs, and drinking my blood, and I die on stage. In the film, we will definitely elaborate on that theme, and there are these INCREDIBLE nightmarish demonic vampire scenes in the end that will be beyond anything ever seen. Actually, when I renially re=read the whole screenplay, after taking a few days to sort of step back from it, it reall, really scared ME. And I wrote it. I even asked Kris, the girl in most of the photos with me, if she thought it was just too much. But Kris really loved it, and we are both really looking forward to working with Jerry on it. Actually Kris got some special "double fangs" just for the film and she wore them to The Batcave the other night and she looked fabulous. You see, what people should realize about me is that I really am a vampire. I really do steal people's souls, and fall in love with them and become them, and then move on. But that is only because they won't love me. I think you have to move on if they don't love you. Actually I think vampires are quite romatic. I know that I am" And with that, the mywterious Maitresse Jennifer threw on her black velvet cape and excaped into the night. Be on the lookout for this film "Maitresse De Satan", and check out The Nuns website at The sebsite is also linked to Pandora Pictures, so check them both out.

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