Alaric veröffentlichen neues Album auf Neurot Recordings

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Der neue Lonplayer “End Of Mirrors” der in Oakland beheimateten Dark-Punk-Formation Alaric erscheint am 06.05.2016 weltweit via Neurot Recordings. Ein Fest für Fans von Bands wie Christian Death & Killing Joke. Mehr Infos im englischen Original-Text: Claustrophobic, gloomy, and epically grandiose, we find the four members of Alaric coming together at the height of their powers. As with their previous offerings, “End Of Mirrors” was recorded and mixed by Skot Brown at his Kempton House Studios. Brown’s contributions have been crucial to realizing the vision of the band and expanding upon it to manifest a soundscape that can be dark, creepy, and complex while giving the songs a chance to breathe and shine with extraordinary clarity. Shane Baker’s lyrics are deeply personal yet universal in scope, reflecting hard times in a fallen world at a moment of monumental change in the lives of the band members. Each track and movement provides an emotional and deeply physical journey through inky, blackened sonic murk, devoid of all hope. Jason Willer pummels the drums, driving the band forward with power and finesse and then dropping down into a roiling boil of tribal toms. Bassist Rick Jacobus deals in woozy but solid lines that often carry the melody while filling out the sonic space with riding drone notes. Russ Kent's guitar playing creates scintillating, cascading moments of beauty – what he calls "sheets of electric rain" -- that open into crushing and aggressive distortion. It all comes together and twines around the atmospheric explorations of newlyenlisted sound artist and experimental electronic musician Thomas Dimuzio who utilizes a Buchla Polyphonic radio tuner, modular analog synthesizers, and other non-traditional methods to create his art. Make no mistake, this is not passive listening. These songs are instant classics for a new dark age.

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