Twice A Man veröffentlichen heute ein Video zu ihrem neuen Song „Dahlia“, welcher auch auf der aufwändig gestalteten 3-CD-Compilation mit dem Titel „Songs of Future Memories (1982-2022)“ enthalten ist. 

„Songs of Future Memories (1982-2022)“ erschien bereits am 27. Januar 2023 über das bekannte Indie-Label Dependent Records.

Twice A Man selbst schreiben zum Release des Songs folgendes: "The song 'Dahlia' is a reflection about our time," Dan Söderqvist explains on behalf of the trio. "The world is getting darker and uncertain with wars, pandemics, and above all: climate change, environmental destruction, and through that a loss of biodiversity that is all caused by human activity. We experience a conflict between the outer world and an inner imaginary world. We need to feel comfort, and music at its best grants us that inner peace. Two new songs, 'Lotus' and 'Dahlia', were made to be included in our new compilation album 'Songs of Future Memories' and – in some respect – to epitomise the spirit of Twice a Man."