Black Marble, das Synth-Wave-Projekt von Chris Stewart aus Los Angeles, meldet sich endlich mit seinem dritten Album zurück. "Bigger Than Life" erscheint am 25. Oktober auf seinem neuen Zuhause Sacred Bones.

„One Eye Open“ heißt der erste Vorbote und Stewart zufolge ist der Song "about the idea of an artist as a sort of sacrificial lamb." So führt er weiter aus: "We seem to like when our public figures take a fall, which sort of makes sense considering societies long standing desire to publicly flay the fortunate as catharsis, but I’ve always found it ironic that artists/musicians seem to fall into this category as well considering the disparity in income between say, a famous actor and a middling indie musician. Either way, "One Eye Open" is loosely based on the visual metaphor of a high wire artist in a three ring circus who elicits ooh and aahs from the crowd, but after awhile starts to perform with one eye open as they grow restless."