Sehr viel ist in Gurrworld passiert seit der Veröffentlichung ihres ausgezeichneten Debütalbums In My Head - unter anderem Kooperationen mit Dave Grohl, Arcade Fire und Eddie Argos...Außerdem hat sich Boy George als Gurr-Fan geoutet! Nun sind Gurr zurück und bringen im April 2019 die EP "She Says" mit sieben Songs raus. Aufgenommen wurde sie in den UFO Studios Berlin mit dem New Yorker Produzenten Matthew Molnar (Sunflower Bean, Friends) und dem Berliner Tobi Kuhn.

Die dritte Singleauskopplung Fake News folgt der Single Zu Spät, in dessen Video kein anderer als Bela B von Die Ärzte zu sehen ist. Die Band sagt dazu: Laura Lee: "I was also really worried politically with what was and still is going on and wrote the song Fake News in response to that. The song is about the growing gap I feel between people leaning left and people leaning right. I think with our press nowadays and algorithms, we are only fed the kind of news, we already believe in, which I find super dangerous. The song then connects that to an experience I had when we visited the BBC for an interview with Huw Stephens. We came inside (it's this massive building) and there was this gigantic NEWSROOM with so many screens but with ZERO windows. I found that a bit disturbing: Like here's the people making the news and they can't look outside."

Über das Video erzählt Andreya: "For the video we wanted to fetishize technology, as people who believe in 'Fake News' seem to blindly trust technology and media. I've been following Shelby for a while on Instagram and am a big fan - I knew she'd be the perfect fit to bring the idea to life with her vhs aesthetics and inherent artistic message of sexual empowerment."